Thursday, March 11, 2010


On Thursday Room 15 and 17 went swimming at the Leisure pool and the main pool. There were too many people at the Leisure Pools so we had to split up again and two people have to be at the main pool. When Miss Garden told us how to dive we had to glide across the pool.Then we went to the bottom of the pool so we almost touched the ground. When we finished we had 5 minute free time. The diving was the best activity. I felt excited.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rematch

On Friday we had a rematch of Capture the Flag against Room14. I thought we were going to play something else. It was a fun game when we played with room14 again. But it was hard to get into the safe circle because there were too many of them standing by. But 1 time I made it to the safe circle. When I got there they were arguing the whole time. We had heaps of plans but they didn't work. Room 14 was trying heaps of times to to get onto the safe zone on the other side too. It was 3 out of 2 and we were losing. Finally at the end of the game we lost.

Capture the Flag

On Friday we had a game with Room 14, it was called Capture the Flag. Miss King told us the instructions. Room 15 was the read team and Room 14 was the blue team. She precisely explained the rules to us. We needed flags and cones.
Finally we started walking to the bottom field. We had to set up the field full of cones.
Nobody went out of bounds. In the game we were attacking with excitement like cheetahs.
Finally after the game finished we had a rubbish collecting game. There was heaps of rubbish around the senior playground. We won two games in a row. I felt happy.