Friday, June 21, 2013

Movie Reflection

This was very fun week doing a movie about Michael Jackson.  My group Had lots of fun with smiles on their faces as we finished our movie.

The most interesting part of our movie is having fun with our friends and making up funny stuff. It was totally worth it.

That things that we did not enjoy is talking too much and not getting stuff finished. The other thing that we don’t like is when MELVIN mock’s around

The thing that we enjoyed doing is filming with others and having fun. On the plus side we enjoyed watching ourselves.

The stuffed we learned about is Co-operating with each others. The other thing we learnt is to try and get stuff finished on time.

The thing we're going to do better is to not play around. The other thing is to try and Cooperate well.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ancient Adventure

Once upon a time in a misty dark mountain. Jake was climbing up a steep hill with sharp edges  While sun is trying to shine over the dark billowing clouds. All of a sudden he could see the big stone rocks from a few metres away. Jake saw some kind of ancient shaped patterns on the rocks. Jake looked scared and anxious because the stone rocks look like staunch soldiers guarding something ancient . All of a sudden something opened from the rocky ground. Dust filled the area up. Surprisingly an ancient thing came up and it looked like a Sword. Jake looked anxious as because he thought it was forbidden. The sword looked shiney as Jake looked anxious as he took it and immediately escaped.

Rainy Day

One cloudy day Jake was calmy walking home when suddenly a big group of dark clouds came out of nowhere and it started to rain. Jake was getting soggy from head to toe. The rain poured down as the cars went passed splashing Jake in the face. He rummaged around in his bag to get out his bright yellow raincoat. Wrapping it around his back as he puts his sleeves on, he felt a puddle in his shoes. “That’s annoying,” he thought. He ran home as fast as he could. But just as he got  in front of his house he suddenly slipped in a muddy puddle. “Ahhh,” he yelled.