Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tau Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder where your pancreas isn't working. Usually the pancreas should make insulin but it needs glucose to make energy. Insulin is like a key to open the body cells so the glucose can be absorbed. Glucose give you energy for body. If you have diabetes its either you the pancreas is not working or it does not make enough insulin. 

There are 2 types of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is where the pancreas is not working because it’s not making enough insulin and Type 2 is genetic which means you passed down from your family members. In Type 2 the pancreas makes insulin but the insulin doesn't work properly.

If you have the feeling of getting tired and thirsty then you might of got diabetes. Some people with diabetes might lose limbs, bad circulation and bad eyesight. Others will die from a heart attack, a stroke and sleep apnoea

How to avoid Diabetes is to lose weight, eat healthy and do exercise. You can manage your diabetes while going on a healthy diet.

The Ring

Once upon a time in a misty dark place. Jake was climbing up a steep hill with sharp edges. All of a sudden he could see the big stone rocks from a few metres away. Surprisingly he got there, Jake saw some kind of shaped patterns on the rocks and a secret presure plate right in front of him. Anxiously as he stepped on it. It went and open something. Surprisingly an ancient thing came up and it looked like a ring. A black ring with gold bone designs on it. Jake looked anxious as he took it and immediately escaped.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9 Assembly Will.I.Am

On May 9th of 2013. We had a special assembly at 11:00 am so we had an early morning tea at 10:30. As the second bell rang room 20 was ready for the special assembly. As room 20 got there, T.v camera's and others were all set to see our special guest arriving soon. Mr Burt said our special guest arriving soon was Will.I.Am. As the school heard they were all shocked. It took a while for him to come so the school had to practice the song 1 more time.

As We all looked behind we saw Will.I.Am walking with the prefects as Patrick and Vivienne did there  saying as the Kapa Hapa Group came and did there performance then after that the Hip Hop did there performance and we gave them a round of a applause.

Will.I.Am came and talked how he lived in a very poor place with his mum that had no job and sadly he did not know his dad. most of his family ended up in jail but his friends is the why who he is. He tells us to choose our best friends wisely. His dream was to be come an artist to take care of his mum.

And finally as he was finished talking he came with an check that was $100,000 for the Manaiakalani education. We sang our song to him with courage and pride.