Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Ideal Jobs

Game Tester
Being a Game tester is about testing sorts of different games from different consoles before it is released to the public.

Being a Technician is about be helpful fixing computers

Being a Builder is about building new structure and repair

Being a Spy is about being sneaky and stealthy with a skill to climb

Car dealer

Being a Car Dealer is about selling cars to the public to make a profit

First day of school

Draft 2

Leaving kindergarten feeling sad afraid going to my very first school to Point England.  I was feeling very scared walking past other kids that were staring at me confused. Grasping my parents hands, feeling more anxious walking up the railway that what could happen next.

Started to open the door as it creaked seeing an elderly teacher standing right in front of me thinking to myself why are kids staring at me?. The teacher told me her name was Mrs Maude and I felt a little happier.

Draft 1

On my way to my very first school to Point England. feeling very shy and scared walking past other kids that were older and taller than me. grasping my parents hands feeling more scared walking up the railway feeling anxious.

Started walking in seeing a elderly teacher standing right in front of me waving her hand. The classroom looked at me weird and started to look confused. I stood next to the teacher as she said my name. Some kids were confused because my named sounded like toe. I didn’t comfortable sitting on the ground that much.

“Ring Ring” The bell went off I thought it was a fire alarm and I panicked and ran outside. The teacher was confused of why I ran outside so quickly. I saw people walking calmly and the teacher told me the was for lunch.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Alex Tau Massive Cyclone Threatens Eastern India

In the east side of India there was a massive cyclone happening and close to half a million evacuated their homes because of the danger that they would die. They have named the cyclone Phailin for some reason.

It was their strongest cyclone to hit India and has washed away tens of thousands of mud and roof huts and was sent to seawater by the time the cyclone was over.

The Indian Ocean is considered called the cyclone hot spot. Some of the most deadliest storms in history have come through the bay of Bangal. Including a 1999 cyclone that killed more than 10,000 citizens.