Monday, December 16, 2013

Reflection Year 8

This year at ptengland was so fun doing fun activities with my fabulous teacher Mrs Squires. My favourite activity was doing the Fia Fia with the niuean group. What I love doing is making movies with my friends.

Term 2 was all about doing movies with Mrs King. It was pretty fun doing different kind of themes for the movies. I have never been with Ms Tito’s class to do art. After 1 week of doing Movies. We also do literacy to help our writing and reading skills.

Term 3 What we did was we were doing MLK (My Kitchen Rules). We made different kind of foods such as sandwiches and many else more. Our sandwich was nice when we made it. I wish we could make some more.

On the term of the year is the most saddest year because it is my last year this year. The year 8’s and me went to camp and I had alot of fun with my friends. We went for at least 4 days and it was the best camp in my life.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Year 8 Netbook Reflection

Having a netbook helped me learn to type faster, be able to go online to finish my work and Research new things. The Things that my teacher taught me on my netbook is to check my writing twice before I publish it. It also helps myself learn new technological things.

What I’ve learnt from this year is to try and finish my work on time because I get distracted from talking too much to my friends and not finishing my work.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker, one of the main characters in the Fast and Furious series. Died on November 30th 2013. He died in a car crash with friend named Roger Rodus.  They both were having a joy ride in their car but they crashed into another car then it exploded. News reporters were on the scene talking about what happened. Ambulances and firemen were trying to save them but it was too late.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 Camp - Highlights

On December 3rd. I got excited because the year 8’s were going to camp to Rotorua. Mr Burt said we were going to camp at Keswick a christian camp. We were on the road for at least for 3 hours. As we arrived at camp we saw a man standing with a checklist as he told us where we will sleep for the night. We went to do our very first activity and we went to see the Agrodome and we saw no water on one side but we saw some fishers. Later on we went to do a bush walk up the mountain and it took very long. My legs started to hurt as was about to fall down. We arrived back at camp to have dinner. On the menu there were chicken casserole, rice, and other.

The very next morning, all of us went out to do crossfit immediately after we have been woken up. We ran around the camp block twice. Later on we went to see the Pohutu geysers somewhere in Rotorua. We went to see these hot mud pool. We all saw one that looked a bit weird cause it looked all lime green. Back on the bus on another trip to a act show all about sheeps and other animals.

The next day we were on a trip to go to the blue lake at rotorua. We went for another bush walk to get to the beach. It started raining and the ground got slippery. Nearly falling over as gained control again and kept walking. A few minutes later, We made it to the blue lake. As some people ran some people walked to the bus to get ready to swim. The lake was freezing cold when went ran in and splashed other faces. An hour past we all had to jump out of the water and get change. On our way to our next destination to the rotorua pools. Getting changed again to have a swim again. Jumping in the deep pool thinking that it is not deep. As I got in I fell all the way till I touched the bottom of the pool. Alexander saved me and helped me back up on the edge of the pool. Few hours later We were off again but back at camp.Tomorrow was our very last day of camp.

The last day we went to go on the Luge. We went on a gondola to get to the top of the mountain where the luge is. We have to put on a helmet to protect ourselves from falling on the ground or having other critical accidents. The instructor told us to pull the lever on the luge a little to let it roll down. Then pulling it all the way will cause it to slow down. Coming to the end of the Luge I see a chairlift going back up the mountain. Finishing off our day going back to school. Greeting our teachers because we’ve miss them for a while. That was the best camp EVER!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Forensic Scientist

Last Monday a woman with a forensic scientist appeared out of nowhere to show us what they do. We went in the street and the teachers told us to be quiet and listen. The scientist told us her name and told us what she does with science.

She tried to pick a volunteer with a shoe and she looked and looked and looked. She saw Cleveland and told him to stand up. He put his shoes in the soil and stood there for a while. She then took his shoe off and gave it back to him.

She then now told us to look at the projector to see what she does in a crime scene. She said to look for evidence of the criminal, for blood, fibre, fingerprints, and broken glass. She said to look at the photos and be choosy or else your just wasting a lot of money.

Tau Strategy Week 6

There Was A Whisper

Creeking noises coming from the door as Jimmy tried to tip-toe to make no noise. Suddenly “SLAM” the door shut with a loud noise.  Jimmy heard a whisper “ Do not disturb”. He gulped with fear and wondered who was whispering. Jimmy felt anxious running at the door fast like a cheetah. Try to twist the door handle with all jis might but it wouldn’t open. “Hello is anyone there hello” Jimmy gasped. The stranger replied “Do not disturb or else…”. Jimmy was terrified of what he said.

“How do I get out!” With a echo going across the room. The stranger did not reply. Jimmy asked again with the same question and The stranger did not reply. Jimmy started to have tears running down his face he began to yell “Let me go I want to go home”. Something dropped With a glance that looked like a piece of paper saying “ FInd the key”. But it was dark and he could only see a little bit of light.

Jimmy looked and looked for a while until he heard a ringing noise beside him as he try to wave his hand left to right real fast until he whacked himself. “Ow that really hurt”. He finally grabbed the key and raced out of there straight to the bright but wait there were two doors. The stranger said Two doors leads to Life of Death. But they were bright and he did not know which door what to pick.

Jimmy started glance at the left one for a long time then the right one. He was about to pick the right door but he was unsure. He confirmed that he said that the right door is always right but he was wrong. Then he fell down in a deep and was seen again.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tau Strategy

My Maths Strategy
In the hop, skip and jump (Triple Jump) the record for  men is 18.29m whereas the record for women is 15.5m. How much longer is the men’s record than the women’s.
18.29 - 15.5 = ?

15.5 + .5 = 16 + 2 = 18 + .29 = 18.29

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Ideal Jobs

Game Tester
Being a Game tester is about testing sorts of different games from different consoles before it is released to the public.

Being a Technician is about be helpful fixing computers

Being a Builder is about building new structure and repair

Being a Spy is about being sneaky and stealthy with a skill to climb

Car dealer

Being a Car Dealer is about selling cars to the public to make a profit

First day of school

Draft 2

Leaving kindergarten feeling sad afraid going to my very first school to Point England.  I was feeling very scared walking past other kids that were staring at me confused. Grasping my parents hands, feeling more anxious walking up the railway that what could happen next.

Started to open the door as it creaked seeing an elderly teacher standing right in front of me thinking to myself why are kids staring at me?. The teacher told me her name was Mrs Maude and I felt a little happier.

Draft 1

On my way to my very first school to Point England. feeling very shy and scared walking past other kids that were older and taller than me. grasping my parents hands feeling more scared walking up the railway feeling anxious.

Started walking in seeing a elderly teacher standing right in front of me waving her hand. The classroom looked at me weird and started to look confused. I stood next to the teacher as she said my name. Some kids were confused because my named sounded like toe. I didn’t comfortable sitting on the ground that much.

“Ring Ring” The bell went off I thought it was a fire alarm and I panicked and ran outside. The teacher was confused of why I ran outside so quickly. I saw people walking calmly and the teacher told me the was for lunch.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Alex Tau Massive Cyclone Threatens Eastern India

In the east side of India there was a massive cyclone happening and close to half a million evacuated their homes because of the danger that they would die. They have named the cyclone Phailin for some reason.

It was their strongest cyclone to hit India and has washed away tens of thousands of mud and roof huts and was sent to seawater by the time the cyclone was over.

The Indian Ocean is considered called the cyclone hot spot. Some of the most deadliest storms in history have come through the bay of Bangal. Including a 1999 cyclone that killed more than 10,000 citizens.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Beach Poem

Where i’m from as I lept off the rough sharp rock I felt like if I was Michael Jordan jumping like a kangaroo sending spray of water up in the air like a water fountain.

Where i’m from I can feel rough sand grinding between my toes feeling gritty like sand paper.

Where I’m from I see kids having fun splashing the water at each other having a war where who goes down first.

Where i’m from I smell

Where i’m from I hear the icecream truck ringing across the road as it comes closer.

Where i’m from I see my brother on my console as I hear the disk spinning round.
Where i’m from I see seagulls squawking on my front lawn as they seek for scraps.

Where i’m from I hear my next door neighbours playing loud music when i’m trying to sleep.

where i’m from I smell something burning from the oven as I hold my nose.

Protester (POV)

In 1981 we the protesters marched down the field ripping the netting off the fence we started chanting “1 2 3 4 we don’t want no racist tour.” As we started to make a human shield in a circle the police began to surround us. The rugby fans started to boo at us  as they threw empty cans and rubbish at us. But luckily we wore helmets and  used our signs made out of wood  as shields.

We were trying to protest the game because of the Springbok Tour. People around the world were  all  starting  to boycott South Africa.  Other countries were put pressure on South Africa to improve their civil  rights and abolish apartheid by  not  trading products  with them or not playing sports with them either. They tried to make South Africa have equal rights with the black people. Mr Muldoon ignored the racist tour and invited South Africa for a game of rugby.

The Hamilton game between New Zealand and South Africa was cancelled during this disaster.

In 1981 we the protesters marched down the field ripping the netting off the fence as we started chanting “1 2 3 4 we don't want racist tour.” As we started to make a human shield in a circle the police began to surround us. The rugby fans started to boo at us as they threw empty cans and rubbish at us. But lucky we wore helmets and  used our signs made out of wood  as shields for safety.

We were trying to protest the game because of the Springbok Tour. People around the world were  all  starting  to boycott South Africa.  Other Countries put pressure on South Africa to improve their civil  rights and abolish apartheid by  not  trading products  with them or not play sports with them either. They tried to make South Africa have equal rights with the black people. Mr Muldoon ignored the racist tour and invited South Africa for a game of rugby.

The Hamilton game between New Zealand and South Africa was cancelled during this disaster.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Reflection 2

The message about our movie is Martin Luther King. He was trying to make peace with the black’s and white’s. Our planning we did a animation for our movie because it takes too long to film. We made some changes along the way with our rap. We did not have any filming in our video.

Our graphics for our animation were good and it looked realistic because we traced. I did not think the movie flowed well because we were going back and forth with MLK’s history and it did not make sense

Our group worked ok with the movie and everyone contributed well. We kind of worked out our disagreements.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Math Strategy

Today we are learning about fractions and percentages. Enjoy our movie :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Movie Reflection 2

The message about Tevita, Frankie and Mateo’s movie was about love and taking care of each other but at the end Frankie got rejected for some reason in the movie but at least it was funny at some moments. There filming was a bit shaky at some bits but we could still see the video and that it is good about the video. There acting was quite good and It really showed like the music. The movie flowed well but at some point it got a bit mixed up and confusing and funny. They worked well like a team.

They need to work on their filming stability more recently because it was shaky at some scenes but we were able to look at the movie.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Movie Reflection

Our movie is about a word called love. Its not as good as others but at least we have created a movie. Our filming skills were pretty good we didn't have to use a tripod and that is how good we are at filming. Our kind of act is pretty good and funny at sometimes that we sometimes we make people laugh. We weren't able to draw any graphics or animations at the moment. We worked with our group like we were in a team and everyone contributed very well and managed our time on the deadline and it worked kind of perfect with the theme.

What we need to work our movie to try to be like a story but it was a bit hard for the for the movie to interact with the song so we made something else. Our movie did not flow quite well but at least something that we have made.

Tau, Josh, Alex, and Lukis Movie

TJAL from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy our movie

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were both men who had a dream to make their countries have racial equality. They both have suffered violence with racism and struggled with with life in prison but they still had a dream to conquer civil rights inequality with the black and white.

Nelson.M was born in July 18, 1918 in South Africa and suffered a lot of violence in jail for 27 years. He was sent to jail on April 20, 1964. He had a dream to solve equal rights between the white and black people. Back in those days the black people in South Africa could not vote for anything until Nelson.M came and he changed the country's life.

Martin.LK was born Januarary 5th 1929. His mother was a school teacher, she taught Martin how to read before he went to school. He had a brother, Alfred and a sister Christine. Both his father and his grandfather were ministers. Martin was very good in school so he skipped grades in both elementary school and high school. He discovered issues in racism. Martin.Lk was mad when he saw signs in the public that said whites only, so he wanted to do something to stop racism.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sport Writing

Sports is important because it is a fun activity to do on a sunny day and it makes you healthier. It is really important to drink water each day to keep well hydrated. Sometimes I play outside with others and have fun. As you see on the television famous sports stars are professionals at what they play. There are sports out there like Rugby , Netball , and more and it is heaps of fun.

Rugby is New Zealand’s favourite game but it is not my type of game to play. Little kids always play tiggy and it is fun for them but not for me because I am getting a bit a little older now.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Movie Reflection

This was very fun week doing a movie about Michael Jackson.  My group Had lots of fun with smiles on their faces as we finished our movie.

The most interesting part of our movie is having fun with our friends and making up funny stuff. It was totally worth it.

That things that we did not enjoy is talking too much and not getting stuff finished. The other thing that we don’t like is when MELVIN mock’s around

The thing that we enjoyed doing is filming with others and having fun. On the plus side we enjoyed watching ourselves.

The stuffed we learned about is Co-operating with each others. The other thing we learnt is to try and get stuff finished on time.

The thing we're going to do better is to not play around. The other thing is to try and Cooperate well.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ancient Adventure

Once upon a time in a misty dark mountain. Jake was climbing up a steep hill with sharp edges  While sun is trying to shine over the dark billowing clouds. All of a sudden he could see the big stone rocks from a few metres away. Jake saw some kind of ancient shaped patterns on the rocks. Jake looked scared and anxious because the stone rocks look like staunch soldiers guarding something ancient . All of a sudden something opened from the rocky ground. Dust filled the area up. Surprisingly an ancient thing came up and it looked like a Sword. Jake looked anxious as because he thought it was forbidden. The sword looked shiney as Jake looked anxious as he took it and immediately escaped.

Rainy Day

One cloudy day Jake was calmy walking home when suddenly a big group of dark clouds came out of nowhere and it started to rain. Jake was getting soggy from head to toe. The rain poured down as the cars went passed splashing Jake in the face. He rummaged around in his bag to get out his bright yellow raincoat. Wrapping it around his back as he puts his sleeves on, he felt a puddle in his shoes. “That’s annoying,” he thought. He ran home as fast as he could. But just as he got  in front of his house he suddenly slipped in a muddy puddle. “Ahhh,” he yelled.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tau Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder where your pancreas isn't working. Usually the pancreas should make insulin but it needs glucose to make energy. Insulin is like a key to open the body cells so the glucose can be absorbed. Glucose give you energy for body. If you have diabetes its either you the pancreas is not working or it does not make enough insulin. 

There are 2 types of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is where the pancreas is not working because it’s not making enough insulin and Type 2 is genetic which means you passed down from your family members. In Type 2 the pancreas makes insulin but the insulin doesn't work properly.

If you have the feeling of getting tired and thirsty then you might of got diabetes. Some people with diabetes might lose limbs, bad circulation and bad eyesight. Others will die from a heart attack, a stroke and sleep apnoea

How to avoid Diabetes is to lose weight, eat healthy and do exercise. You can manage your diabetes while going on a healthy diet.

The Ring

Once upon a time in a misty dark place. Jake was climbing up a steep hill with sharp edges. All of a sudden he could see the big stone rocks from a few metres away. Surprisingly he got there, Jake saw some kind of shaped patterns on the rocks and a secret presure plate right in front of him. Anxiously as he stepped on it. It went and open something. Surprisingly an ancient thing came up and it looked like a ring. A black ring with gold bone designs on it. Jake looked anxious as he took it and immediately escaped.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9 Assembly Will.I.Am

On May 9th of 2013. We had a special assembly at 11:00 am so we had an early morning tea at 10:30. As the second bell rang room 20 was ready for the special assembly. As room 20 got there, T.v camera's and others were all set to see our special guest arriving soon. Mr Burt said our special guest arriving soon was Will.I.Am. As the school heard they were all shocked. It took a while for him to come so the school had to practice the song 1 more time.

As We all looked behind we saw Will.I.Am walking with the prefects as Patrick and Vivienne did there  saying as the Kapa Hapa Group came and did there performance then after that the Hip Hop did there performance and we gave them a round of a applause.

Will.I.Am came and talked how he lived in a very poor place with his mum that had no job and sadly he did not know his dad. most of his family ended up in jail but his friends is the why who he is. He tells us to choose our best friends wisely. His dream was to be come an artist to take care of his mum.

And finally as he was finished talking he came with an check that was $100,000 for the Manaiakalani education. We sang our song to him with courage and pride.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tau Reflection

Part 1: The highlight for this term for me  was getting 1 runaway in CTF (Capture The Flag) against room 22. What I have also enjoyed the most is getting movies finished and trying to enjoy P.E sometimes.

Part 2: What I have not enjoyed is writing because it takes forever to type and takes me ages trying to get it finished.

Part 3: For this term although I have been trying to get my work finished on time, it doesn’t seem to be going the way that I expected. I have been trying my hardest to be organised but find I still got behind in some things. I’ve been working well with others and trying to co-operate better. I do my share working with others and try to listen to other peoples ideas.

Part 4: For next term I will try my best to get my work finished on time.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Disappearing Story

On a Stormy rainy day. Jake the dog and the Finn the human were inside a brown old scruffy house. Finn went up the window and saw something or someone in the sea. “Hey Jake!” said Finn. “We have to go outside and see what’s in the water” Finn got his Raincoat and they were both ready to go.

Both Jake and Finn went down the steps as it makes a creaking noise. They were blown away by the wind as Finns Raincoat was flapping behind his back as they struggled to get to the beach. “Jake I don’t think we can make it!” Said Finn With a loud voice. It was something red in the sea but it was too dark to know what it was.

Monday, April 8, 2013


On April 3rd, There was a Triathlon in our school learning how to Swim, Bike and Run. After a cloudy morning tea. Mrs Squires told us that there was a Triathlon on the school field and I felt worried because I couldn't ride a bike.

We got on the wet grassy field as room 15 came as well. As the man called Room 20 boys I was shocked. My stomach had butterflies like I was going to fly and my head felt light and so I got up with freight.

We were at the line as we did 20 - 30 Star Jumps. The man said go as we started sprinting to the bikes. I was worried about riding a bike so I ran coming last in the class. I felt very embarrassed that I couldn't ride a bike but its just bike.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Abandon House

On a cloudy afternoon, A boy named Nick saw an old rusty house that was abandoned by the person who use to live there. There were broken shards of glass the ground and creaking noises coming from the old wooden door. Nick walked step by step cautiously as he got startled by black crows flying away with a weird noise.

Nick kept walking looking side by side as he came closer to the wooden broken door. Nick was getting scared as the door creaked and opened slowly. He walked up the old curvy steps as the old wooden door opened.

Inside the Abandon house Nick saw darkness from a distance. Nick stepped on something weird and it felt squishy. As he looked down It was a smelly old rat. He went on and investigated the abandoned house as he saw an old picture with an old lady with spider webs all over it. Nick blew off the webs as he saw that the photo said “This House is resident to this lady” Nick thought that was odd. As he a about to leave the house. There was a big bang “Bang” And Nick ran away with fear.

Bully Situation

Tau, Jayden Idependent from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy our movie

Monday, February 11, 2013