Friday, March 30, 2012

What's The Drink For Me?

26/3/12             What’s The Drink For Me?

Has anybody been thirsty before? Do you prefer Coffee,Tea,Soft Drink,Water. I'll prefer to drink soft drink on a hot sunny and sometimes everyday.

I have never ever tasted coffee. I wonder what coffee taste like? I’ve seen millions of people drinking coffee. It must be ok or it might taste yuck. Are you going to taste coffee again?

As I had my first zip of the tea. It tasted like cardboard. Even if I ate the cookie with it it tasted like cardboard cookies so I chucked all the tea outside accept my cookie. Because it was better than coffee. I don’t think I want to taste tea ever again. But would you taste?

Soft Drinks are one of the most favorite drinks ever! for me. but it is unhealthy to drink but is very tasty to drink it. Would you drink nice soft drink all day?

Water is the most healthiest drink that I have ever tasted before. It is healthy for your body too. There are all kinds of different waters. Like Aqua and others kinds. Would you drink it?

Monday, March 12, 2012



On the first day of camp 2012 I was so excited to all the fun stuff. But my friends are not coming. Box fit was our activity. Boxing was pretty cool as I throw punches BAM! Kobe’s hand went all the way back as if I have already won the world Heavy Weight Championship and the crowd was saying my name but I was imagining.

Second Act was Making a tent. They made it look so easy but it was actually hard. It only took nearly one hour to build that tent and seven people helped me trying to get it up. and everybody just keep building and building.

Last but not least it was The Amazing race. First we had to make a slingshot to try and hit the buckets. We keep missing, one was going left and the other one didn’t even make it to the first bucket.

The last act of The Amazing race is to take a photo of respect but with our body’s, but doing one letter each time. finished all the letters now we have to download them to the Imac.

Who is ready for day two on our next trip at camp.