Thursday, May 10, 2012


Art Alive is the name of our inquiry for Term Two. We had an Immersion assembly, then we had rotations going around Team 5 classes to learn the skills of famous artists. 
First, we learnt about Daniella Hulme. She has very bright colors and all of her work has woman in it. She paints her work to look like 3D by blending the colours. Next, we learnt about Henri Matisse. He uses the primary colors like red,blue and yellow. His drawing a person with a guitar on looked pretty easy but it took us the middle session. 
Last, but not least, Vincent Van Gogh. He is a very famous artist, one of his paintings sold for $148 Million. He cut his own ear off to give it to his wife and she did not like it, so Vincent had a very sore ear.