Friday, December 14, 2012

My Imagination

As I was Dreaming, I imagined that I was in a  different world called “Wasteland”. It smelled horrible and I tried to find my way back to Earth but it was on the other Galaxy. I was walking for hours and hours until I heard a noise “Woosh!” And I turned as fast as I could and said “Hello!” As loud as I can then “Woosh!” I knew that there was someone here. I heard a breathing noise behind my back. So I looked back and saw a Ninja running everywhere parkouring off the car then onto the roof and I felt a little strange.

I kept walking, keeping on eye at every sight. Trying my hardest to find the Ninja again. As I walked around the corner I once more saw the Ninja but it did not know I was here so I grabbed a stick and sneakily walked behind him. Before I could hit the ninja It turned around and threw a ninja star right past my head. I was shocked so I threw the stick at him and chop it in half with a Katana. I ran away as fast as I could until he came running after me.

I hid under some garbage bags and the ninja ran past by. The next morning a teleporter came out of nowhere so I ran as fast as I could to go before it goes away. I jumped like a spring going through the teleporter. Then suddenly I got woken up in my bad and I thought it was real.