Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Monday at they assembly we were introducing active earth.When we started the assembly M.r Jacobson came out with a emergency speaker about any dangerous thing to keep away from it.When team one came on the stage and Mrs.L pretend to cough out plain flour out of her own hand.And when they got there medical stuff they throw crunchy chocolate to little kids on the left and right little kids were lucky.When team two got up in the front of the stage they show us a video about earthquake.When team three came up the stage they bring a fake volcano with party popper then the teacher,s went around the volcano.Then when team four came on the the opponents are called cylinders bionic,electronic,tectonic,supersonic and M.rs lo-ha were all the opponents are on the chair and party poppers for the people to answers the question.Later on when M.rs Lo-ha buzzed in and she said your momma and everyone laughed because it was really funny.I felt excited.

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