Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cross Country Race

On Wednesday it was cross country day for sports. As the race was about to start I was so nervous that I was thinking about coming last. When the clappers went I gave the best that I could. As we got to the middle we were exhausted and drained from all the I so I’d jogged for a while then went up to a person and said champions never give up so he jogged with me. Then sweat because it was a long run and we were dying for a drink at the taps. When we got three quarters the way we were really tired when we got to the muddy bits that made my feet got dirty like touching mud cake that is not cooked. As we got to the finish, when we had to sprint, there was a boy next to me. We sprinted but we didn’t know what place both of us came. Then we had to wash our feet so we don’t put our muddy feet in our class.
Cross country was hard.

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