Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holiday Highlight

On Saturday it was my moms holiday going to valentines As we got their my dad had to pay at the counter so we can get inside.We ate the beef until my mom saw her beef it did not look right because it had a silver colour but i could not see it but she could instead.It smelt strange as well.Then we had desert i had chocolate with sprinkles on it.It was delicious.I had tungs of fun but I thought I could never eat food again.

After being at valentines i went to my cousins house in Avondale. He has a pet dog named
Zack.The dog was scared of me so i patted him on the head and rubbed his chin and he started to liked my face.As i got their i played a few games while i was at their house. they were putting on their clothes and spray on them.Then it was time to go back to my place for a party.Friends came inside to play my video game.

it was after 6:00 pm i was getting board so i watched some movies so i don't get board.Then i went to my room and they making a mess in my room.Their were clothes,marbles and games everywhere. and they had to pick up everything.


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