Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Make Over Edition

Marvin and I worked how to redesign Room 17's courtyard. Today we chosen to do a extreme make over in Room 17's courtyard. our plans we had added a higher drinking fountain because we do not like to bend our backs. But so far Room 17's courtyard is a bit boring and people don't even play there anymore.

Marvin always has idea's he showed me a bench seat it look great for people to sit on so we don't have to sit on the ground. Marvin found it on Mitre 10 mega.

But finally I have the best idea is to take the rails and put stairs only it'll be awesome because it is a faster way to go home and back to school and you won't have to get squashed by other people.

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  1. Hi tau its pretty cool that you have planned out what you want your bay to look like that plan looked great good work tau.


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