Monday, September 19, 2011

Polar Bears

In the Arctic, Polar Bears are the largest Bears in the world. It lives on ice and along the shore.

Polar Bears have are very thick coat to keep warm. They have bumps on their paws to grip on ice. it has sharp teeth to help chew hard bits off.

A cub does not live alone, it lives with its mother. The cub lives with it for to in a half years. The mother protects the little cub, and she teaches it how to hunt for food.

Polar Bears wait to hunt seals because its their main food. Seals have their own breathing hole to breath. The polar Bear waits until the seal comes up to breath. When it comes up it flung its huge paws with sharp claws to flip it on the ice.

In the wild bears live for 20 years and a bear that live in the zoo it manage to live up to 41 years.

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  1. Hello Tau,

    That was interesting story you wrote. Polar bears are amazing creatures how they hunt,breed and live. great story Tau.


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