Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

On Monday we had a afternoon treat it was a ice cream comet.

We crushed the biscuits and hundreds of thousands with the thousands block. it was going to be tasty in the end. the biscuits looked like dust when it was crushed. It felt so cold when I got my ice cream, it was dripping through my fingers when I was rushing down the ramp.

As I got to Mr Sommerville he tipped hundreds of thousands on my ice cream. Then I was ready to eat it, it tasted nice. Suddenly some people got a brain freeze. Then a huge mess on the ground outside room 17's courtyard it looked dirty. So we had seconds We had to eat with our hands.

Last We were chatting outside. Some people wash there hands because it was sticky and dirty, it looked like mud to me. I dont know if where going to clean the mess below our picnic table.

Next Time When I have Ice Cream I think I'm going to have warm gloves.

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  1. Hi Tau Great work on your blog I like ice-cream to It looks so yummy I wish I was there but keep it up great work WOW!


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