Monday, August 20, 2012

Not So Bad After All

Cross Country was the day that everybody has to run. Getting a sticker with your name and age. I was supporting Te Arawa. When it was the 12 year old boys turn to run I had butterflies in my body thinking I am going to come last.

Clap! Everybody started running off as a Bullet as my legs get muddy. Running on the Pt England Reserve Seeing my shoes covered in mud. It was hard to run because there are deep holes in the grass. Finally making it up to the concrete feeling a little bit exhausted. There were puddles right in front me, running through it made me get wet.

There were more and more puddles until the the course had smaller space in the bush walk. Slipping over forwards and backwards trying to get a grip on the path. having trouble to get up the steep muddy hill. Feeling scared to run down a small spaced muddy path. making the last 50m coming 4th to last.

My legs had mud up to my knees. I was feeling that this day was not so bad after all.

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