Monday, March 18, 2013

Abandon House

On a cloudy afternoon, A boy named Nick saw an old rusty house that was abandoned by the person who use to live there. There were broken shards of glass the ground and creaking noises coming from the old wooden door. Nick walked step by step cautiously as he got startled by black crows flying away with a weird noise.

Nick kept walking looking side by side as he came closer to the wooden broken door. Nick was getting scared as the door creaked and opened slowly. He walked up the old curvy steps as the old wooden door opened.

Inside the Abandon house Nick saw darkness from a distance. Nick stepped on something weird and it felt squishy. As he looked down It was a smelly old rat. He went on and investigated the abandoned house as he saw an old picture with an old lady with spider webs all over it. Nick blew off the webs as he saw that the photo said “This House is resident to this lady” Nick thought that was odd. As he a about to leave the house. There was a big bang “Bang” And Nick ran away with fear.

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