Friday, September 27, 2013

Beach Poem

Where i’m from as I lept off the rough sharp rock I felt like if I was Michael Jordan jumping like a kangaroo sending spray of water up in the air like a water fountain.

Where i’m from I can feel rough sand grinding between my toes feeling gritty like sand paper.

Where I’m from I see kids having fun splashing the water at each other having a war where who goes down first.

Where i’m from I smell

Where i’m from I hear the icecream truck ringing across the road as it comes closer.

Where i’m from I see my brother on my console as I hear the disk spinning round.
Where i’m from I see seagulls squawking on my front lawn as they seek for scraps.

Where i’m from I hear my next door neighbours playing loud music when i’m trying to sleep.

where i’m from I smell something burning from the oven as I hold my nose.

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  1. Nice poem Tau , You really took me on a journey where I felt I was on the beach. Kepp it up!

    -Joshua I


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