Friday, November 22, 2013

There Was A Whisper

Creeking noises coming from the door as Jimmy tried to tip-toe to make no noise. Suddenly “SLAM” the door shut with a loud noise.  Jimmy heard a whisper “ Do not disturb”. He gulped with fear and wondered who was whispering. Jimmy felt anxious running at the door fast like a cheetah. Try to twist the door handle with all jis might but it wouldn’t open. “Hello is anyone there hello” Jimmy gasped. The stranger replied “Do not disturb or else…”. Jimmy was terrified of what he said.

“How do I get out!” With a echo going across the room. The stranger did not reply. Jimmy asked again with the same question and The stranger did not reply. Jimmy started to have tears running down his face he began to yell “Let me go I want to go home”. Something dropped With a glance that looked like a piece of paper saying “ FInd the key”. But it was dark and he could only see a little bit of light.

Jimmy looked and looked for a while until he heard a ringing noise beside him as he try to wave his hand left to right real fast until he whacked himself. “Ow that really hurt”. He finally grabbed the key and raced out of there straight to the bright but wait there were two doors. The stranger said Two doors leads to Life of Death. But they were bright and he did not know which door what to pick.

Jimmy started glance at the left one for a long time then the right one. He was about to pick the right door but he was unsure. He confirmed that he said that the right door is always right but he was wrong. Then he fell down in a deep and was seen again.

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  1. Hi Tau that was a nice piece of writing best so far.I just like the way you write with interest. Too good


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