Monday, December 16, 2013

Reflection Year 8

This year at ptengland was so fun doing fun activities with my fabulous teacher Mrs Squires. My favourite activity was doing the Fia Fia with the niuean group. What I love doing is making movies with my friends.

Term 2 was all about doing movies with Mrs King. It was pretty fun doing different kind of themes for the movies. I have never been with Ms Tito’s class to do art. After 1 week of doing Movies. We also do literacy to help our writing and reading skills.

Term 3 What we did was we were doing MLK (My Kitchen Rules). We made different kind of foods such as sandwiches and many else more. Our sandwich was nice when we made it. I wish we could make some more.

On the term of the year is the most saddest year because it is my last year this year. The year 8’s and me went to camp and I had alot of fun with my friends. We went for at least 4 days and it was the best camp in my life.

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