Sunday, December 12, 2010


On Sunday afternoon I saw people dressed up as wolves and zombies carrying. “Wow they look real. That’s right it’s Halloween.” I thought to myself. When it was sundown I saw heaps of people running and knocking on doors. I didn’t go and didn’t want to because I had no costume. While they were trick or treating, I was playing cards with my brother on the kitchen table. I was too tired to go outside. We also had no lollies to give out to the people who knocked on the door anyway. “I am so bored,” I yawned. I looked outside again and saw they were still running across the streets and eating lollies. That is the best part of Halloween. It was getting close to 9pm at night. I decided to do something else other than playing cards and games with my brother and went off to read a book instead.

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