Thursday, December 2, 2010

Water safety

Water safety

On Wednesday morning Room15 lined up eagerly awaiting to go to the pool. As the children got their life jackets they had to adjust it 3 or 4 times. Chris, our instructor, is a water safety person who is here to teach people how to swim.Unfortunately I forgot my togs and I had to watch. When they were swimming they splashed and I got wet. They were shivering and shaking as they had to get into the help position, that’s when they have to cross their arms and legs to get warm. They had to do it for 10 seconds. As they were doing a count down they went slowly.The next position is to get in a huddle that’s when they have to get into a circle and hold other people’s shoulders and have to sing the national anthem they were singing loudly as Chris spinned them around slowly. After-that when they finish singing they get have free time for 5 minutes and got out of the pool cold.They got out of the pool giggling and shivering. They lay in the sun, which was shining brightly. I felt sad that I was missing out, I should have brought my togs!

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