Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Roller Coaster Ride

Once upon a time there were two girls named Carly and Natalya, and they were going to face their fear by going on the biggest roller coaster ever.

They were arriving at the carnival As they were walking to the roller coaster. Carly and Natalya were shaking in fear because it looked so high they were thinking that they would fall off. They got in front of the line and they were up next to go on. As they got on, the safety protection came down and they were scared. The roller coaster was rolling as they were holding hands. As they went up to the big hill on the roller coaster it went down super fast. Carly and Natalya was screaming “AH!”

Then as the loop was coming up they were upside down then part of the Roller Coaster came off and they were falling. Suddenly Superman came to save all of them at once at the speed of light. They were still screaming because Part of the roller coaster was about to fall on them but Superman save there lives again by putting it down softly. Carly and Natalya was Shocked in fear as Ca rly fainted on the ground.

She woke up in bed and thought it was all a dream, But it never happened or did it?

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