Friday, September 28, 2012

Volcano Eruption In Guatemala

I am going to talk about how a volcano erupts. The magma will make its way through the rocks and ashes. The pressure of the magma will make the plates move in the crust. As the magma pushes all the rocks and ashes through the main vent of the volcano. It will blast all the rocks and ashes and make a massive ash cloud in the air. Lava can cool down while making its way the water.

In Guatemala a volcano had erupted near the capitol of Mexico. 10,000 villagers had to evacuate there homes immediately. Fuego is one of the most worlds active volcano. Villagers were seen escaping the capitol, Guatemala city 31 miles away. All air travels were cancelled after a big ash cloud spread for miles and miles around Guatemala. By Friday morning lava had blasted over four miles away from Fuego's crater.

In the North island of New Zealand, Mt Tongariro had erupted last month. The eruption caused a big ash cloud in the sky. Lava was spewing out of the volcano.

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