Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Firework Accident

Once upon a time a 7 year old boy named Timmy, was walking home after a tiring day at school. It was getting dark until a big loud bang, happened in the city. He wanted to go see what was going on so he sneaked outside for a closer look. As he got outside he saw fireworks blasting 1 by 1. He was shocked, seeing all the colours made him still like a statue. He sneaked back inside quietly because he was suppose to go to bed for tomorrow’s athletics.

On the next day, Timmy came home after a tiring day coming 3rd place in the 100m sprint. His mum was home bringing a big box inside the house and Timmy wanted to see what was in it. He opened it with his eyes closed, and there were fireworks inside. Timmy was so excited to see them at night. After a few hours later, His mum was lighting up the fireworks and ‘BANG’ 1 by 1 the fireworks blasted until the fireworks fell and blasted on him.

Timmy’s arm was burning and he dropped and roll, on the grass to get the fire out. His mum called the ambulance and they came as soon as possible. They took him on a stretcher in the ambulance truck and off they went. “He could not move his left arm for 8 months” said the doctor. After 1 year later, Timmy was running against the grand champions and won by one second and his mum was happy so they lived Happily ever after.


  1. Hi Tau

    That was a funny story and really cool but you kind of repeated.

    keep the work up :D

  2. Hi Tau

    The story was funny and awesome I burnt myself with a firework before and it hurt.

    Keep up the work.

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