Monday, May 23, 2011

Marble Track Challenge

As Miss Ouano said that we had a competition, we found out it was called the ten minute technology challenge. I felt worried that I was going to lose the challenge on my own but lucky we had partners to build it.

We made the news paper into tubes and made a slide and a tunnel with it too, but that was my idea to describe what it will look like. We had our own jobs what we had to do, I had to do the cello taping and Pirinha had to cut newspaper and Marvin had to make the structure on his own.

Marvin tested it and it broke the slide, but it went though the tunnel. We had to think of another idea, so we thought of something else. There were no ideas to think of as we staring at the broken structure we made.

I felt frustrated because we had one minute left before were finished the structure and we didn’t have much time to finish our work. It looked as if it was broken glass. It did not tape to the tubes with our slide and it dropped.

Next time when we have a news paper challenge again we will make it better.we should of put a gutter instead of a slide and make attachments to corners covering the newspaper so the marble does not come out of the corner. And make bigger tubes so I hopefully it’ will work next time.


  1. Wow Tau we did that but we had to do a towers, I feel like doing that now.But that was a great story, I really like that, Man you are really good at that.

  2. hi tau your movie was the was kind of funny but you improved a lot your blog was better then Mine And Heremaia I hope you can visit our blogs Please Thank you Bye
    By Tevita.

  3. Hi Tau
    I really like your writing about you and your partners. I really hope that my class would do that too. You just have a little problem about your writing. Its just your spelling that you need to fix other wise everything is perfect.

  4. Hi Tau,
    What a Amazing Story Tau. You really know how to make your paragraphs interesting as-well as your sentences. You and your friends must of had a hard time making your Tunnel. I think that you need to make sure the you correct you spelling.But Most of all you really improved your story.
    From Turuhira


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