Friday, May 27, 2011

Our task this morning is to redesign our mouses using our imagination. I add a name with only one letter starting with t. I also added a 3 arrows 1 on each a big one for the front to make it a head. I even made a bigger mouse. I replaced the cord into a wireless mouse because I don’t want to tangle it like a snake.


  1. Hi Tau
    That's an amazing story. Your designing is so cool! I think the arrows is a new start to a mouse. To help you more with your writing, I think you should add more detail into your sentences. Anyway I wanted to say well done and keep the great work up!

  2. Hey Tau
    I enjoyed reading your amazing story about redesign the mouse and that was a great idea making it bigger and wireless I like wireless mouses because it doesn't get tangle up together, I hope you put some thing new on your blog and I will keep seeing your blog.


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