Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bushfire "Camping In The Woods"

As Kevin was about to go camping with his three friends named Kobe,Tupac and Tau. He had a phone call. Kevin answered the phone and it was Kobe. He told him to go to the forest and thats where they were camping. 45 minutes later, Kevin arrived at the forest and saw Kobe and Tau but he wondered where Tupac was. Kobe said that Tupac hasn’t come yet. 20 minutes later, Tupac arrived just in time to have lunch. After they ate their lunch they were starting the fire because it was getting dark.

Tupac and Tau went to go in the forest to look for wood. We got back at the campsite and Kobe and Kevin were gone and Tupac thought that where they went. Tau saw some fire from the other side of the forest. Tupac saw Kobe and kevin at the fire and Tupac yelled “Kobe! , Kevin!” but they cannot hear.

Kobe and Kevin tried to run away from the fire. They both got back and told us to pack our stuff and leave the forest immediately. Fire Trucks came out of nowhere and started to hose the fire down. The bushfire was insane that trees started to fall on roads. Kevin started the car and left immediately passing through fire trucks as they come on opposite lane. Kevin dropped us all off at the bus station because he was low on gas.

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