Friday, November 30, 2012

Year 7 Team Building

The 29th of November 2012. We Year 7’s had an opportunity to do some fun activities, while the year 8’s were at their transitions at Tamaki Collage. I was Excited to do some fun Activities with the other year 7's. 7 Groups were made and I had: Crusader, James, Tevita, Raenan, Alex, Britney, Hosannah, Roezela, Brooklyn, Ashleigh, and myself.

The first activity we did is to build and create a Christmas tree out of paper and foil. As we finished making the tree, I thought our tree look like it was not going to win the competition. We were all nervous about our Christmas tree. All groups had to sing a Christmas song and we all sang Silent Light. We were singing the song nervously as we get to finish with a around of applause All the other groups were funny and entertaining to watch.

The second activity was Creating and shooting. We were all excited to be launching something at someone. We all have to hold hands to transport through the obstacles. As Mr.Barks said On Your Marks Get Set And Go! and I got pulled like a doll running as fast as we can getting through the Hula Hoop Without our hands Disconnecting. As we got through the Hula Hoop and got our equipment to build and Create a Slingshot. I was holding the handle and when they fire the paper ball at Crusader The handle whipped up my jaw and I fell on the ground and it hurt. We lost because the balloons were our points and they all popped and we felt anxious about coming last place for that.

Our team only came 2nd for winning the Christmas tree competition and only got 1 lollie each and we were all happy about 2nd place.

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