Friday, November 16, 2012

Going After Humbug

Granddad sended the photo to Seymour and Jax’s dad. 3 years later, The doorbell was ringing and Jax and Seymour came running to the door. Seymour opened it and it was there dad. Seymour and Jax was surprised that they haven’t seen their dad in 3 years.

They were all going to see Humbug "The Fast Brown Duck" 1 last time. They were in the car like flash. 20 kilometres away from the lake. It started to rain as they all got out. They couldn't find Humbug in the lake or in its nest. They found Humbug behind the tree as his leg was broken.

They took Humbug to the care center to get the ducks leg fixed. Seymour and Jax wanted to see Humbug again but the duck cannot swim fast anymore. The doctor said “do you want to keep the duck as a pet” Seymour and Jax really wanted a pet in their home so they all said yes.

They all came home safe with and they all lived happily ever after with a duck.

Thanks for editing my work Max.

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